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Girl Painting in Art Class

Space M Academy

Art & Music





Our Space M art studio has four different sections of classes: Creative Art, Adult Art, Air Clay, and Instrument. Our goal is to inspire children to experience the world through art, and use their imagination and creativity to the fullest.

There are different courses available for different ages and levels: coloring, handcraft, drawing, clay, watercolor, acrylic, illustration, and cartoon.
We provide a stimulating environment that gives children a creative outlet, allowing them to utilize their imagination in their creation of original works.

We will guide you through the work you want to complete, whether it be decorative, acrylic, or watercolor painting, all in a relaxing and pleasant environment that provides the ability to learn and meet like-minded people.

The current range of classes available cover both the piano and the ukulele. Our instructors are highly skilled in their specialized instrument, and have extensive experience instructing students of all proficiency levels.

With a wide variety of methods utilized to improve tone, clarity, and intonation, our vastly-experienced instructors provide world-class lessons to beginner, intermediate, and expert vocalists.

Air clay is highly popular among children for its lightweight, ultrashort, non-sticky, and residue- free properties.

It comes in various colors and can be easily mixed by blending basic colors in proportion, making it easy to work with.

The creations made with clay do not require baking; they naturally air dry without cracking.

In our class we are engaging in air clay art fully exercise children's hands-on abilities and significantly enhance their fine Moto skills.

Playing with clay involves a series of actions such as kneading, pinching, pressing, joining, pressing, carving, sticking, and pasting,

which utilize all the strength in their hands. This is particularly beneficial for promoting the development of children's hand muscles and creativity!


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