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Art Class

Welcome to our child group painting class! Our program is designed to inspire young artists to explore their creativity and develop their painting skills. Our experienced instructors provide a supportive and fun environment for children of all skill levels.

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San Francisco

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Sketching class

Sketching is a wonderful way for children to express themselves visually, and it offers numerous benefits including improved fine motor skills, enhanced concentration, and increased self-confidence. In this class, students will learn fundamental drawing techniques, experiment with different mediums, and explore various subjects and styles.

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​Acrylic Painting Class

Acrylic painting is a versatile and expressive medium that offers endless possibilities for creative exploration. In this class, students will have the chance to experiment with acrylic paints, learn essential techniques, and create their own unique masterpieces under the guidance of our experienced instructor.

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Art Gallery

Explore the works of our students from different age groups

Ages 3.5-5 | Enlightenment stage

Keywords: touch, feel, observe, confidence, aesthetic experience, color recognition

Children should be allowed to feel and observe colors and shapes, and encouraged to express themselves through diverse materials and tools. They should also be exposed to different forms of creative expression to broaden their knowledge and develop confidence in their ideas and abilities. Through activities such as touching, observing, painting, and collaging, children can experience the beauty of art and improve their hand-eye coordination. This approach stimulates their interest in painting, nurtures creativity, and enhances their ability to express themselves and think creatively.

Ages 5-7 | Imagination stage

Keywords: focus, creativity, composition, warm&cool colors, gradation, line drawing
Through art enlightenment, children transition to the cultivation of thinking and the stimulation of creativity. The curriculum gradually instills basic knowledge points in art to enrich children's artistic imagination and creative thinking, while laying a comprehensive foundation in art. The curriculum also cultivates observation skills and appreciation of art on different levels. Students learn to use color elements such as adjacent colors, gradation, and warm/cool colors, as well as techniques such as line composition and semi-three-dimensional drawing.

Ages 7-9 | Advancement stage

Keywords: structure, color knowledge, observational training, detailed depiction

Through observational training based on shape and structure, students are encouraged to express their perceptions of objective objects. This stage focuses on cultivating students' abilities in detailed depiction, shaping, observation and analysis, and independent handling of overall composition. Students learn about color harmony, color relationships and rules, changes in light and shadow, mechanisms, line drawing, semi-three-dimensional sculpture, and other aspects of painting. This stage aims to consolidate students' foundational skills in structure and color.

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