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Instrument Class

Private one-on-one piano, and ukulele classes for children, taught by experienced instructors. Students will learn basic music theory and techniques while having fun playing songs and developing their musical skills.

Class Overview

Introduce your child to the world of music with our beginner-friendly ukulele and piano classes. Led by experienced instructors, your child will learn fundamental techniques and theory in a fun and engaging private class setting.

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Piano Class

Discover the joy of playing the piano with our experienced instructors. From classical to modern, we offer lessons for all levels to help you achieve your musical goals.


Ukulele Class

Learn to play the ukulele in our beginner-friendly classes! Our expert instructors will guide you through chords, strumming patterns, and popular songs in just a few sessions.


Violin Class

Our curriculum is carefully crafted to introduce children to the fundamentals of violin technique, music theory, and repertoire in a fun and engaging manner. Through a variety of interactive activities, games, and exercises, students will develop essential skills such as proper posture, bowing technique, note reading, and rhythm.

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