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Arts and Crafts

Our Classes

Space M Academy offers creative art and instrument classes for kids 3 years and older. We specially design our classes for young, enthusiastic learners, who will be able to follow a guided lesson with the goal of creating beautiful artwork. As we draw and paint together, students will learn basic art skills, exercising their creativity with acrylic, watercolor, and digital painting, as well as crafts, clay molding, illustrating, and cartooning. Customized events like Outdoor Sketching can also be curated, along with other exciting activities.

Creative Art Class:      50% off trial class

Our Students:

Preschool: Ages 3-5

Intermedia: Ages 6-12

Advanced: Ages 8-16

Our Tuition

(Including material fee)

4-6 kids/session

2 month sessions

Adult Art Class:

Our Students:

Welcomes all entry-level students

Our Tuition

(Including material fee)

Instruments Class:

Our Students:

Starting at 3 years old

Private classes

Our Tuition




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